Simple Truths - NEW!

Pivotal Jewish Insights for Centered Living

Life is complicated. And, like a ship being tossed about by a raging sea, we often struggle to stay above water amidst the chaos. We constantly wrestle with questions surrounding family, relationships, career, and identity, questions about how to be more successful and fulfilled; how to be happier; how to stay focused on what’s important; how to align ourselves with our true values. Yet in life’s turbulent waters, it’s easy to lose our sense of direction.

Lesson 1
Claim Your Inheritance

In a sand-swept Sinai some three-and- a-half millennia ago, the Jewish nation received the Torah from G-d. Ever since, the Jews have passionately dedicated themselves to its study. From eras ancient to modern, innumerable individuals endured tremendous sacrifices to study Torah, often surrendering their lives in this pursuit.

What exactly is the Torah? Why does Judaism venerate its study above all else? This lesson explores the supreme role of Torah study in Jewish life and clarifies the motivation of Jewish mothers throughout the ages to forgo creature comforts—and much more—to ensure that their offspring are appropriately immersed in this vast ocean of wisdom.


Lesson 2
Where Pleasure Meets Purpose

It is only natural to wish to enjoy life’s pleasures. At the same time, all the pleasures on earth cannot satisfy our inner craving for deeper meaning and a purpose to our existence. How are we to balance internal tugs towards the carefree and unrestrained with an intimate need to develop a genuine relationship with the Creator? Are these currents not mutually exclusive?

This lesson explores inner conflict and fragmentation, analyzes the extent to which Judaism plays a role in everyday experiences, and draws the secrets of wholesome living from the wellsprings of Jewish wisdom.


Lesson 3
Creation Revisited

We are all creators, made in the image of G-d—the ultimate Creator. But is the difference between our ability to create and G-d’s merely a quantitative one?

This lesson searches the foundational principles of Jewish thought regarding G-d’s creation of the world and unearths ageless methods of reframing our approach to life.


Lesson 4
Overcoming Limitation

Personal growth and inner change do not come easily. It takes hard work to attain and even harder work to maintain genuine self-transformation. Judaism, however, seems obsessed with constant growth and improvement. Is this expectation realistic?

This lesson explores personal goals and development through the prism of Jewish thought, and offers insight into the ability to step steadily forward throughout life while avoiding burnout.


Lesson 5
Discovering Your Inner Worth

Low self-esteem can cast a damper on every area of our lives. How can we attain genuine happiness, confidence, and contentment when our personal mirrors forecast gloom? By extension, how can others feel comfortable around us when we are not comfortable in our own skins?

This lesson extracts Judaism’s brightest diamonds on the development of self-image and self-worth, and demonstrates that we can only appreciate our intrinsic value when we fully understand the ultimate source of that worth.


Lesson 6
The Beauty of the Struggle

Lack of discipline invites impulsivity colored by self-destructive emotions. Unchecked anger or laziness, for example, will rise up to dominate us and compel us to succumb to all sorts of cravings, failures, and feelings of low self-esteem.

This lesson views the fine art of self-discipline and control through the Torah’s insightful lenses. It demonstrates the method of discerning precisely what we can or cannot expect to regulate, and based on that awareness, it explores ways of introducing order, discipline, and a sense of inner peace and harmony to our lives.


Lesson 7
Joy Revealed

If you assumed that Judaism was about being somber and sullen, you have not met the real deal. This lesson demonstrates the extraordinary emphasis that Judaism places on being joyful. It explores the role of happiness for the sake of personal wellbeing and success, and also for the benefit of those with whom we interact. This cheerful lesson presents a step-by- step journey to achieving happiness based on a deeper appreciation of the purpose of life.